Geek Vape M Series coils
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Geek Vape M Series coils

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Geek Vape M Series Coils (Z Max Sub-Ohm Coils) are designed for massive clouds for the ultimate cloud-chasing experience. Geek Vape M Series Coils come in four different mesh cores: single, dual, triple and quadra. That is, one, two, three or four mesh cores!

The 'M' in M Series Coils actually stands for 'max' and truthfully, you can expect maximum vapour flavour from your vape juice and large, dense clouds. Everything is to the max with the Geek Vape M Series Coils.

Choose the one you like best and enjoy a satisfying vape from your Geek Vape Z Max Sub ohm Tank which these coils were designed for.

M0.14 Single - 0.14 ohm M Series Coil (60-80W)
M0.3 Dual - 0.30 ohm M Series Coil (55-65W)
M0.2 Triple - 0.20 ohm M Series Coil (70-85W)
M0.15 Quadra - 0.15 ohm M Series Coil (85-100W)

** Only compatible with the Geek Vape Z Max Subohm Tank **

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